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15 March 2014 08:38AM
Ian Nitschke


PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION TO SAVE THE MILLBROOK ROAD BRIDGE IN CLAVERACK NY (If you have already signed the paper or email petition, please sign this one also so that we can more easily organize the names. You will only be counted once.)

The Town of Claverack is considering demolishing the historic Millbrook Road Bridge on a quiet curved country lane and replacing it with a modern “culvert” on a new straightened highway at the cost of many hundreds of thousands of dollars from Town taxpayers.

At the last Town Board meeting, Timothy Smith, head of the Millbrook Road Bridge Subcommittee, provided the Board with his detailed letter and a packet of material. Timothy requested that the Board “put on hold the replacement option and grant this subcommittee one year to put together and implement a plan to restore and reclaim the Millbrook Bridge.” Supervisor Kippy Weigelt gave Timothy “a few months at best” to do so.

Included in Timothy’s packet were letters from the Town of Claverack Historian Jeane La Porta, bridge neighbor Robin Mooring, a completed application for placing the bridge on the National Register, newspaper clippings of the huge celebration in 1980 when the Shaw Bridge was listed on the National Register, and a petition with more than 70 signatures, many from Millbrook Road residents requesting that the Town Board save the Millbrook Road Bridge. According to Timothy’s letter: “Of all the homeowners contacted on Millbrook Road, EVERYONE was willing to sign the petition. Some people (especially on the south side of the bridge) would prefer the bridge be restored for vehicular traffic (but not massive trucks…) while most prefer that the bridge be repaired for pedestrian and bicycle use. Access to their homes by emergency vehicles was not an issue.”

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Enid Futterman-2
Enid Futterman 15 March 2014 09:39AM

Thank you, Tim, Ian, Robin, Jeane and everyone connected with this effort. We need all the history we can get. It makes no sense to destroy this bridge–historically, architecturally, fiscally, and spiritually. Not when grant money is available to restore it for use and pleasure


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