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8 May 2014 08:03AM
seth rogovoy


After huddling with Public Works Commissioner Jim Folz for two hours Tuesday, the cruel and heartless Mayor William Hallenbeck Jr. said the two decided to ban dogs in the city cemeteries.

Dogs such as mine who have seen their human companions buried at the cemetery and have visited their gravesite every day will no longer be able to do so, simply because the mayor decided to make this an issue, instead of dealing with more urgent matters like the city’s impossible property tax burden on residents, its crumbling sidewalks, crime, lack of economic opportunities for all but a chosen few, the inability to attract smart development, and an overall sense of lack of leadership. But at least there’ll be no dogs at the city cemetery, which, coincidentally or not, is sited across the street from the mayor’s home.

“… the two decided that the ban on dogs in the city cemeteries will remain in effect (sic).

“On Thursday, signs were posted banning dogs from Cedar Park and Hudson City cemeteries, pursuant to a rule in the booklet “Rules & Regulations: Hudson City and Cedar Park Cemeteries, Hudson, New York.”

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John Friedman
John Friedman 8 May 2014 05:37PM

Seth, I think the real reason they left the policy in place (which is what they did) is because they determined that they don’t have the authority to change it. Only the cemetery commission and it has been allowed to fade away. So now, until a new commission is named, no one has the authority to change the cemetery rules. Nice, right? This is also the case with the City’s plumbing commission — thus the City’s inability to license new plumbers. What a laugh. And a shame.


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