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9 January 2017 09:16PM

My first winter with Tom in Columbia County was 2001-2002. It was hard. We were grieving the recent 9/11 attacks. I was not accustomed to earlier darkness than in the city nor to sleeping in bitter cold in that drafty house.

In the ten…

22 December 2016 06:56PM

In Columbia County, in NYC, in Tucson, in Minneapolis, in Ontario…

24 November 2016 08:08PM

Some Thanksgivings I took photographs: at my family’s old farm in Georgia, at Jon McIntire’s house on City Island, with beloved friends in Claverack, at home.

13 July 2014 12:46AM


Tom Davis, Summer of 2001

August 13, 1952 – July 19, 2012

And he was lying in the grass
And he could hear the highway breathing
And he could see a nearby factory
He’s making sure he is not dreaming
See the lights of a neighbor’s house

13 July 2014 12:28AM

Tom’s memoir came out in March 2009, and we met a demanding schedule of press and travel. Grove’s in-house publicist lined up interviews, and I got him there. We went to WNYC for Leonard Lopate’s show, Tom did several shows at Sirius XM on 6th…

3 July 2014 02:37PM

In May 2010, one month after we were told he’d die, Tom and I traveled to a Xanadu overlooking the Pacific Ocean to be among his most beloved friends who’d gathered for him, and he was miserable.

He’d changed dramatically within that one month. Upon…

18 April 2014 01:39AM

Writing his memoir gave Tom a new sense of purpose and a reason to reconnect with former colleagues. He was excited after each chat with an old friend, and to see his book take shape from jumbled boxes of ephemera and his own photographs, scanned…

23 February 2014 11:40AM

Hello, Hudson, you beautiful town and your beautiful people.

Warren Street reflected in Hudson Police Department window, Hudson, NY February 2014
McDaris Fine Art exhibition of Millay artifacts from Steepletop, including manuscript pages with handwritten notes and Remington typewriter, Hudson, NY February 2014
McDaris Fine Art exhibition of…

14 February 2014 09:57PM

Tom’s Valentine to me, Livingston, near Hudson, NY February 14, 2007
The rushing Taconic Creek viewed from the Linlithgo Mill Bridge, Livingston, near Hudson, NY February 14, 2007
Tom, Eddie, and I overseeing car removal from barn on eroding bank, Livingston, near Hudson, NY February 14, 2007

5 February 2014 10:24PM

Tom and I took a lot of road trips over the years, and the January 2010 drive was one of our most leisurely and fun. It sure beat the summer 2008 drive after I closed his parents’ house in Tucson (Tom watched television and held…

5 February 2014 10:20PM

Tom Davis and his cousin checking the turkey, Minneapolis Christmas Day 2009
Tom Davis and his mother, Tucson Christmas 2007
Tom Davis waking, wearing pajamas from me, Minneapolis Christmas Morning 2008
Our stockings since 2001 together for the last time, Canada Christmas Eve 2011
Tom Davis changing out of…

10 November 2013 09:19PM

These red apples on bare branches and those that had fallen to the ground were why I first noticed the orchard one chilly November day as we were driving past. Tom was great about stopping the car whenever I exclaimed, not necessarily using words beyond,…

3 November 2013 09:23PM

Tom Davis accepting the inevitable for that Sunday while watching a Vikings game, Livingston, near Hudson 2009

Tom never missed a Vikings game. Before he had the dish for Sunday Ticket that enabled him to watch all pro games clicking two televisions at a time, we…

31 October 2013 03:48AM

Tom and I as “agents” in Hudson, Halloween 2009

8 October 2013 04:01PM

Tom’s greatest gift was his sense of humor, and the greatest blessing in his life was that he’d been given the opportunity for professional success when he was a young adult. His intellect could be elusive, and he acknowledged that, but not in his wit…

8 October 2013 03:25PM

Tom apologized to me toward the end that he’d held me back, and it’s true, my exhibition history was interrupted precisely upon the beginning of our relationship. When we began to live together in Livingston the summer of 2001, I was exhibiting in Santa Fe…

11 September 2013 11:37PM

September 2016
It’s been fifteen years.

I’m one of those New Yorkers who isn’t ready to visit the 9/11 Memorial. I was surprised when I saw I was walking past the FDNY Memorial Wall several months ago. It’s a bronze bas relief, a fine and dignified…

1 September 2013 08:40PM

As we joined the throng to watch The Man burn on the second to last night, we landed standing alongside two Burners from Oregon, one of whom gave us exquisite flat rectangular pendants he had made himself with the Burning Man symbol embedded in glistening…

31 August 2013 09:43PM

As Burners gather on The Playa at this hour to surround The Man for this year’s Burn, I like looking at these “After” photographs of Tom that same month once he was away from all that, as happy and sparkling as he could be. This…

31 August 2013 09:34PM

Tom and I went to Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada in 2007 and 2008. This is Tom “before,” in early August 2007, the suddenly miserable man who returned to the den after he erred to answer the telephone at night. This…

20 August 2013 07:17PM

Once, while we were visiting my family in Georgia, we stopped at a roadside peachstand and I bought a small brown paper bag of hot boiled peanuts, a traditional South Georgia summer treat. I took Tom’s photograph just after he’d tried his first one. He…

20 August 2013 07:10PM

Tom Davis at Tom Davis Used Cars, Valdosta, Georgia Thanksgiving 2007
Tom Davis at cabin on old Brice place in Georgia, Thanksgiving 2007
Tom Davis wearing Michael Jackson souvenir memorial tee to honor my mother, M.J., Valdosta, Georgia August 2009

Tom wanted to pull over to take this…

13 August 2013 12:52AM

From Tom’s mother to me, Tom’s childhood birthday candle holders: Pink and blue bear cubs, the rhino/hippo, the bright yellow chick and all their friends stand at the ready, cheerfully offering cups held high for Tom’s birthday candles. The cake is due today, but Tom…

30 July 2013 08:09PM

On the afternoon we’d learn Tom was officially diagnosed, we filled out forms as we sat side-by-side in a row of chairs in the waiting area of Mt. Sinai’s Ruttenberg Center. One question began, “Before you had cancer…” We looked to one another, surprised by…

19 July 2013 12:00AM

Tom departed the earthly realm on this date in 2012. Wattts Cupid Mercenary, Paris, July 2012

Maybe there’s a God above
But all I’ve ever learned from love
Was how to shoot at someone who outdrew you.


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