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26 November 2018 03:41PM

(STEPHENTOWN, NY) The “Nude? Naturally!” art-nude photographic portfolio is seeking female models for its fourth shooting season, April to October of 2019.

The brainchild of photographer David Verzi, and attracting novice as well as highly-accomplished models from across the nation and around the globe, “Nude? Naturally!” images have found a home and garnered praise on many prestigious websites, including “Model Society”, “500px”, “You Pic” and “PurplePort”.

Noting “Nude? Naturally!” as a celebration of the natural female form, Verzi is seeking models, at least 18 years of age, who have no body enhancements, tattoos, or non-removable piercing jewelry. In addition, Verzi stressed that “Nude? Naturally!” models do not wear make-up.

“I am a bit flexible regarding tattoos,” said Verzi, “but for “Nude? Naturally!” they must be so small as to be covered by other body parts, such as the hair, as I never use makeup or Photoshop the body.”

Having launched The Warren Communications, whose main activity is “Nude? Naturally!”, in late-summer of 2015, Verzi, 73, credits the models with the portfolio’s growth and success.

“Whether they’re just starting out or very experienced, I have been fortunate to shoot with many talented, dynamic, innovative, sensitive, and insightful women,” said Verzi, who photographs models both in his studio and on the surrounding grounds.

Noting “Nude? Naturally!” photo shoots as “fully professional but without pressure” Verzi said that models are well compensated monetarily while also receiving travel expenses and photos from their shoots.

“That’s somewhat of a departure,” said Verzi, who noted that many studios offer models either payment or photos, but rarely both.

A fixture in area media for decades, Verzi said that his aim is always to respect the ability of models and make them comfortable in every way.

“Many models shoot unescorted, but others would rather bring a companion and that’s fine with me,” said Verzi, who noted that “Nude? Naturally!” shoots are always followed by a hearty, celebratory meal for all.

“Before a shoot, I’ve been known to provide breakfast as well,” said Verzi, noting both modeling and photography as very enjoyable but hard work requiring a good deal of energy.

The Warren Communications is reached at Davidatwarrenwordsphoto@outlook.com or (518) 733-9125.

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