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17 November 2019 01:22PM
Ralph Gardner

That does it. We’re getting a generator. We’ve been saying that for years, approximately every time the lights go out, which in our neck of the woods is pretty much when the wind does much beyond whisper through the woods.
And last Thursday night it wasn’t…

Soft news | Local culture | Body/Soul
17 November 2019 01:16PM
Enid Futterman

It was one of the last, if not the last thing Eugenia Zukerman said last Sunday at the extraordinary launch of her extraordinary book “Like Falling Through a Cloud” at Hudson Opera House.

But the first thing she said was that she was going to…

Local culture | Body/Soul
16 November 2019 03:41PM


Join us on Saturday, November 23 at Roeliff Jansen Community Library from 5 PM to 6:30 PM for an intimate performance by The Wanda Houston Band. Specializing in a combination of retro, R&B, and jazz, the band features vocalist Wanda Houston, pianist Robert Kelly, trumpeter…

Local food/farms | Local culture | Local living
16 November 2019 02:43PM
Columbia County Historical Society


(photo credits: Ralph Gardner, Jr)
LISTEN: https://cpa.ds.npr.org/wamc/audio/2019/11/gardner-11-12-19.mp3

One might think that someone with Lisa Weilbacker’s pedigree – she’s the former executive director of Historic Hudson, an organization dedicated to preserving Hudson, New York’s heritage; she was also curator at the 7th…

Local culture | Fiction/Memoir | Body/Soul
16 November 2019 12:56PM

Hi there! Tonight is my last special literary event for awhile & it truly will be special. I’ll be in conversation with my friend Cameron Dezen Hammon at Spotty Dog Books & Ale (7-8pm). We’ll be discussing her debut book THIS IS MY BODY, A…

Kids and Schools
16 November 2019 11:54AM


Join Dorothy, Toto, and their friends as they journey along the yellow brick road in a marionette performance of the literary classic, The Wizard of Oz!

The Puppet People will be leading the way through The Emerald City and beyond on Friday, November 22, at…

Local culture
16 November 2019 09:02AM
Enid Futterman

I didn’t go to Bridge Street last night expecting to discover a new entry in the American Musical Theater canon. I went to support a couple of friends in the cast.

J.A.M.O.T. sounded like a show that would be a lot of fun to…

Local living
16 November 2019 12:44AM
Ralph Gardner

Photo: Ralphs’ late, lamented mug

There was nothing remarkable about my mug. It was white and tapered – wider at the top than the bottom – with a sturdy handle that offered a comfortable, confident grip as I sipped my morning coffee.

But now it’s gone and…

Local food/farms
16 November 2019 12:22AM
Jody Bolluyt


Looking ahead to Wednesday’s temperatures we are heading into a deep freeze. It’s unusual for it to get this cold this time of year. Fortunately the farm team hustled to finish the carrot, parsnip, and watermelon radish harvest on Thursday. This morning…

Hard news | Politics/Government
16 November 2019 12:08AM
Amanda Purcell


HUDSON — More details were released Thursday about what happened on Election Night and the days that followed to delay full early voting and election night results by more than a week.

“This was our first year of early voting, which included multiple sites, new technology…

Hard news | Politics/Government
16 November 2019 12:03AM
Amanda Purcell


HUDSON — The Hudson Common Council is considering a proposed local law that would extend terms for several elected positions, including aldermen, the mayor and supervisors.

The following positions would switch from a two-year term to a four-year term: Mayor, Common Council president, city treasurer, supervisors…


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