Catskill, New York


IMBY NOTE: Pine Haven and Barnwell, the sites of the nursing home outbreaks in Columbia County were among the ten nursing homes evaluated.

“While much attention has been paid in recent weeks to a state directive that may have helped fuel the coronavirus crisis in New York’s nursing homes, advocates contend that longstanding issues at these facilities similar to those alleged by Delarm played a role as well.

” ‘Obviously nursing home residents are a demographic that is particularly vulnerable to COVID-19,; said Richard Mollot, executive director of the Long Term Care Community Coalition, a nonprofit that advocates for safer nursing homes. ‘But the lack of sufficient staff in nursing homes on a regular basis, the lack of providing basic infection control and prevention, and other failures in care that have persisted in our nursing homes for years undoubtedly exacerbated the situation.’

“A Times Union review of 10 nursing homes in the Capital Region with the largest or deadliest known coronavirus outbreaks found many have struggled to maintain adequate staffing and were cited for infection control violations over the years.”

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Catskill, New York
Fiction/Memoir | Local culture | Local living
12 August 2019 03:27PM


Join us on August 16 for the next On The Fly Story Slam. The theme of the night is HIGH MAINTENANCE – stories of stuff that requires a lot of work to work: your marriage, your mother, your eating schedule, your neurosis. The sky is the limit. You’ll have five minutes to tell your story, which should be based on lived experience and told without notes.

And as an extra special and awesome feature, you will be able to hear some fantastic stories told by storytellers from our ongoing story workshop at Hudson Valley Story Workshops. You don’t want to miss this one!!

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Catskill, New York
Fiction/Memoir | Local culture | Local living
28 February 2019 02:36PM
Betsy Miller


LOVE NATURE? Most people who discover this region feel the same. From rolling hills to ice-bound rivers and creeks, to the bountiful wildlife, they have good reason. Here are some events that will take you away from that crackling fire and into the frosty sunshine and powdery snow.

When you link to the article, be sure to scroll down to the bottom for a list of more than ten additional outdoor activities occurring during the next two weeks. Take advantage of our great outdoors!

Last year, on a single evening, more than 534 spotted salamanders were assisted at road crossings and 95 were found dead. That’s a mortality rate of more than 16 percent. Columbia Land Conservancy’s Conservation/Education Manager, Heidi Bock, wants to change that. At a training session held at their Chatham headquarters, Bock will discuss the breeding habits of local amphibians. “They mate in the same woodland pools for generations,” she explains. “If a road comes in between, they will chance it to get to the right pool.” Thankfully, most crossings occur at known locations and on the same spring night. Based on temperature and rainfall, amphibians will be on the move at the end of March. The CLC sends out an e-mail alert for the exact “Big Night” date. In preparation, learn how you can help save these species.

Click on the link above to learn more about this and other OUTDOOR EVENTS in this region.

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