Catskill, New York
Cassidy A. Maze

June 19, 2019

To: You, who is committed to creating a safe, inspiring and sustainable community Now

From: Me, who wants only to work with you, and everyone I know, to build such a community before it’s too late

Dear You,

Let’s step into a movie for a moment…. The Titanic has been sailing for some time. We are now heading toward the moment when the Captain makes the wrong call.

BUT for us, that moment hasn’t happened yet.

We haven’t broken ground in Coxsackie. Nor have we torn down the old jail. There’s still enough time to make the right decisions for Greene County. It’s 11:59.53 and we have seven seconds to help the Captain wake up and save his passengers from going down with the sinking ship.

A lot has developed since we last wrote. Our new bi-partisan campaign, “Save The Old Jail, Halt and Rethink Overspending In Greene County,” has taken form. Tonight at the Legislative Meeting, there will be a dynamic scene of actions and players from both campaigns, Pause and Rethink and Save The Old Jail.

Differences Between the Two Campaigns:

Save the Old Jail says – “Halt the unnecessary and expensive demolition of a historical landmark, halt Coxsackie palace jail build, and halt all overspending in Greene County at large. We are not backing the idea of a smaller jail in Catskill but we are supporting the fact that it is worthy of conversation and debate, especially if it is the only viable – common sense – compromise to stop the police palace from being built.

As I understand it, Pause and Rethink says pause Coxsackie until you can understand the potential of a shared jail. The two campaigns share common ground. Both send messages of Freedom, Criminal Justice, and Fiscal Responsibility.

So, what is happening tonight?

• I imagine some kind of news will be delivered to the Legislators about whether or not officials in Albany have heard the call for help from many in Greene County who wish to Pause and Rethink the Coxsackie Jail Build and so, passed a bill to change County Law 217. What is done with that news is a mystery to us since we are no longer directing that campaign (no hard feelings, just a different philosophy/strategy). They are smart, very educated on the matter, empowered with a high level team, and committed. So, based on my experience with them, they will be effective, there will be a bill passed and hopefully they will stop Coxsackie in its tracks somehow.

• Save The Jail, Halt and Rethink Overspending Campaign will be announced by two members of our Coalition, Meg Nowack on behalf of Historic Catskill and Sheriff Candidate, Diana Benoit on behalf of the Taxpayers Association. A resolution will be made to halt demolition and, either, assign the issue to a committee, or form a new committee who will address the issue.

Please join us at the start of a great journey as we present our first campaign of The Bipartisan Taxpayers Revolution:
Save The Old Jail, Halt And Rethink Overspending in Greene County
Legislative Meeting
County Offices
411 Main Street, fourth floor
Catskill, NY 12414

More soon…

P.S. Above is a video of Sheriff Candidate, Diana Benoit, talking about Save The Old Jail, from our first Bi-Partisan Roundtable Series: Freedom and Criminal Justice in Greene County. Also, our next Save The Old Jail/Investor/Taxpayers Revolution coffee and change meeting will be this Saturday, 3-4pm. Write info@campnow.biz for more information.

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