Catskill, New York
Cassidy A. Maze


To: You, who’s inspired to create a new plan with us
From: Me, who’s working with a bunch of great folks who aim to collaborate with you on a new plan asap

Dear You,

Today’s letter is short. Just a link. A link to an article in yesterday’s paper that puts Matt and I on the cover. Holy Now.

Big thanks to Sarah Trafton and the Daily Mail for showing us the magic of our own work – and to all who’ve been so supportive as we’ve navigated producing these creative campaigns around important questions and contentious issues in our community. Time to heal the divide. Together we’re stronger.
Please see below for corrections to a few of the facts of this well written piece. Thanks to Wayne Sheridan and again, to Sarah Trafton.

By the way, I’m super hurried today because Matt and I are crunched on time installing our new work at HiLo Cafe on Main Street in Catskill, NY. It’s a retail, multimedia, experiential learning Kiosk that will be in the process of its testing and refinement, for the next month; with its official opening party being July 27th – in conjunction with Matt’s retrospective art show: “b-home and beyond”. Our websites will be evolving all Summer but the meantime, if you want to come to our next meeting, or connect an any questions or give constructive feedback, please write us at info@campnow.biz.

More soon…

Corrections by Wayne Sheridan
“Our positions align,” Benoit said Thursday, referring to Bua. “We do need a jail in Greene County but it needs to be scaled back from what it is now and it should be in Catskill.”
Benoit was asked to speak on behalf of THE GREENE COUNTY TAXPAYERS ASSOCIATION by me, the President of that association, and she was expressing our views, not that of Ms. Bua. So “referring to Bua.” should actually be “referring to THE GREENE COUNTY TAXPAYERS ASSOCIATION.”
Benoit and Bua asked lawmakers to reconsider siting of the jail and look for a suitable site in Catskill.
Actually, Ms. Bua did not speak at the meeting, and she did not support the position to consider a suitable site in Catskill. So, “and Bua” should be DELETED from the above.
Thank you for your consideration of this request. I trust the corrections can be made before the print edition comes out.
Wayne Sheridan
Director of Communications, SAVE THE OLD JAIL // President, THE GREENE COUNTY TAXPAYERS ASSOC.

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