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25 November 2020 09:19AM
Steven Patterson

Better hurry! An archival video of Kaliyuga Arts’ 1997 production of Brad Fraser’s POOR SUPER MAN (a play with captions) has been available for viewing on Vimeo, free of charge, for the past 3 months, but will be going back into the Bridge Street Theatre vaults on November 30th! Click the Vimeo link above to catch it before it’s too late!

“As producers, we’ve always considered POOR SUPER MAN one of our proudest achievements” says Bridge Street Theatre Associate Artist Steven Patterson, who plays David in the production. “It’s a phenomenal script that’s too little known and way too infrequently produced. When BST was forced to shut its doors by COVID-19 in March, we reached out to Brad and his agent in Canada and they graciously allowed us to post this archival video online for a limited, three-month period.”

POOR SUPER MAN a frank and frisky, pop culture-driven comedy with death and loneliness on its mind, sex in its loins, and a love triangle at its heart. It’s 1995 and David McMillan, a successful gay painter (and comics fan) fighting a variety of personal demons and looking for new artistic inspiration, takes a job at a struggling restaurant run by a young married couple. Before long, the supposedly straight husband finds himself attracted to the painter/waiter, and the two embark on an affair, right under the nose of the unsuspecting wife. Colliding like bumper cars with these three are the painter’s roommate, a pre-op transsexual battling the ravages of AIDS, and his female best friend, a caustic, middle-aged gossip columnist, single, increasingly embittered by her inability to find a decent relationship, and secretly harboring a decades-long crush on the painter.

WARNING: Brad Fraser’s plays pull no punches. This one is raw, graphic, foul-mouthed, drug- and alcohol-fueled, and definitely for mature audiences only. It’s also scabrously funny and a real emotional roller coaster. For this posting, certain scenes containing full-frontal nudity and sexual situations have been deliberately blurred, but the script is presented in its entirety. You’ll definitely want to catch it before it needs to come down, but be prepared to hold on to your hats.

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