Catskill, New York
15 April 2018 09:20AM
Lance Wheeler
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Scott Myers
Scott Myers 21 April 2018 06:25AM

Yes, completely closed. I began this project just trying to get some maintenance on the place. The jail was built at the same time as the library and courthouse, with the same good methods. The library and courthouse were restored quite well. The county – Spitz – ran this one down intentionally with the expectation they’d get a new clubhouse in Coxsackie. That strategy may fail since the legislature requires a supermajority, which they don’t have. We haven’t growth here, we’re at the top of the 2% tax cap, and there’s no coherent plan to create non-seasonal, non-public job or industry development.

COC’s Chair Beilein slams the management, who causes such problems as failed grievance, failed access to counsel and the court, beatings, sexual moleststions, needless suicides, 23 hour lockdowns, substandard mental health. Jail Superintendent Michael Spitz needs to be fired, which may have occurred since he no longer has a jail to “supervise”. He created this mess with Greg Seeley. Pathetic.

The opportunity to secure a regional jail solution is enhanced. I’ve asked Governor Cuomo and State Senator Almadore to take back the land in Coxsackie. I’ve provoked State Senator Beilein to fast track his bill to formalize the co-owner of Columbia County’s jail. Doing so will smooth the way for COs to continue their employment. Mike Bulich has meet with representatives from Hudson to sort out who will stay and who will be laid off or get a retirement package. Greg Seeley sees jobs for school guards as one option. I prefer not to add more guns to a school. Greg Seeley loves his dogs and guns. He is a horrible person and should be replaced.

The abuses at that jail are quite similar to Abu Ghraib. It’s the management. So, yes, a huge win. Dramatic. Greene County lacks the temperament to operate a humane holding jail. It is only that, a holding facility. Detainees are held until some solution, such as counseling, social services, or in rare circumstances trial occur. They have the same basic rights as non-convicted people until a trial convicts. We fail almost all of them.

County Adminstrator Shawn Groden should be replaced for insisting on a palace in Coxsaxkie knowing he has entered failed the productive business development projects that prevent conpunty degradation. He is likely taking kickbacks. He spent $2 million on defective plans that incorporate the sheriff’s office. It is completely illegal to move the sheriff’s office without a public referrendum, which would fail.

So, yes, huge win!!!!


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