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14 October 2020 11:42AM
john bradley

The Claverack Town Council is the most recent Columbia County town to join the NYS Climate Smart Community (CSC) program. A citizens’ Climate Smart committee is being formed to advise and take action on opportunities for energy efficiency, renewable energy, greenhouse gases reduction and other issues to improve the community’s climate resilience and sustainability.

Dozens of towns throughout the Hudson Valley have established Climate Smart Committees with 9 in Columbia County. These citizens committees, working with their Town Councils, have undertaken a wide range of projects to improve energy efficiency, help reduce emissions and pollution, help promote renewables, and thus save on public budget costs and improve sustainability. Some typical examples include LED lighting, solar energy, community composting, EV stations, building energy efficiency, conservation, land use planning, and community education. More exotic examples include biomass boilers, small hydroelectric projects, and waste reduction/diversion. The NY DEC’s Climate Smart program outlines over 104 types of ’actions’ under the ten ‘pledge elements’. Completed actions are awarded points which, as accumulated, increase a town’s eligibility to be awarded grants. A reference for more information on the NYS Certification Framework is included below. The program encompasses NYSERDA’s Clean Energy Communities program.

When the committee is formed, it will meet monthly to review issues relevant to the town and identify priority projects to undertake. There will be opportunities to do research, plan, get involved in project implementation, and help with fundraising, including grant preparation. There will also be technical assistance from the NYS Capital Region Planning Commission staff. This committee can make use of a wide range of skills and interests.

More information on CSC actions and Projects is available at: :

To volunteer, send your name, contact information, and a brief statement about your interests and any related knowledge or expertise to: info@townofclaverack.com, Attention John Bradley, CSC Coordinator. If you have questions, you can contact John directly at johnbrad322@gmail.com or use the above info email address.

The Town of Claverack and the Climate Smart Committee are co-sponsors for the Oct 17 4 PM Claverack Library Zoom event on Zero Waste, titled: ‘Waste Not, Want Not – The 7 R’s for a more Sustainable Future’. RSVP (required for zoom) to zerowastecolumbia@gmail.com.

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