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Jennifer Fortenbaugh Post
Jennifer Fortenbaugh Post 24 April 2017 05:50PM

Happy spring neighbors,

This is an open letter to the couple who stopped their pickup truck on 9H today to help themselves to our daffodils. I’m not angry. Honestly. I hope you needed them to brighten your day or the day of others close to you. But I also I hope that someday you’ll know the pleasure of digging small holes in the cool air of autumn, of stirring in some bone meal and tamping the soil back in place. Once you wait eight or nine months for a small yellow flower that lasts mere days, I imagine you’ll enjoy spring even more.

Mark Hund 5 August 2016 01:17AM

So I’m sitting around tonight and I type a few names into the computer of old friends I went to school with and I stumble upon imby and there is an old article by Matt Herman . Since I haven’t seen him in a while and had no way to get in touch with him, I siezed the opportunity and joined up. I have to confess, I don’t live in Claverack, I still live in California. So if any of you see Matt or stop in The Pub, tell him I said “Hello” and I hope I didn’t break any rules by doing this. Thanks

Jennifer Fortenbaugh Post
Jennifer Fortenbaugh Post 14 December 2013 09:00PM

Does anyone have any information about Mid-Hudson Cablevision’s “catastrophic hardware failure” for their On Demand services?

Enid Futterman-2
Enid Futterman 25 August 2013 09:18AM

Neighbors, I’d like to recommend Maricel Unwin’s Caci microcurrent treatments for face and body, women and men. Microcurrent is a painless, noninvasive, relaxing, effective, natural alternative to Botox and fillers. Caci makes the most advanced equipment, and Maricel is a highly skilled practitioner. Her treatments are very reasonably priced–much less than NYC–and she’s right here in Claverack, just across the road from Won Dharma Center. 821 8801. [email protected].

esills 13 August 2013 11:28AM

Hi, I’m looking for a good, reliable plumber. All recommendations appreciated.

    esills 20 August 2013 11:09AM

    Stuart, I called Dell’s on Monday and they are coming on Friday morning. (The other two plumbers who were recommended still haven’t returned my calls.) Thanks, again for the recommendation.

    esills 19 August 2013 09:06AM

    Thanks, Stuart. Appreciate the recommendation!

    Stuart Thompson 13 August 2013 11:46AM

    Dell’s are great.


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