8 April 2017 06:50AM
Mark Scherzer


Pictured: Forces of life resurgent

If you read Peter’s essay last week, you must have wondered whether we’d really follow through with everything he said we would do. Well, people asked the same thing about Donald Trump. The lesson is, don’t laugh off what seems improbable or even crazy, it may happen.

And so we instituted our changes. Pulled back from all that fresh water for the animals. Made our reservations for French Quarter Festival in New Orleans this weekend. And planned only a tweet for this week’s bulletin, whenever we got around to it.

You may not be surprised to hear that we experienced some of the reaction the country at large did after the President’s inauguration. A female insurrection to begin with, except instead of pussy hats we had lambing. Seven ewes giving birth to 9 lambs between Monday and Friday, demonstrating the power of nurturing and life affirmance over bitter dark aggression. Their rallying cry: “liberty, equality, maternity.”

Even more encouraging to some of you will be that the heavens opposed our scheme as well. As Peter and I rode the AirTrain at JFK on Thursday, I got a text message, a phone call and an email, all telling us that our flight to the City that Care Forgot had been unceremoniously cancelled on account of the rain. And after spending three stressful hours sussing out alternatives, we found there was no alternative way to get there and even have a day and a half of festival. Yes, the heavens nixed our escape.

No, there is no easy escape from our reality. This afternoon, when it became clear we couldn’t get seats to New Orleans today either, we returned to the farm, to find the old rhythms of life still governing. Crocuses are blooming, daffodil and lily shoots pushing up, and angelika leafing out. We will resume our full weekend duties in the morning. Next week, I promise a full essay. And to those of you who wanted compost, eggs or or other farm goodies this weekend, please get back to us and we’ll arrange a convenient time. We’ve returned to our senses.

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