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21 June 2017 10:59AM
Art Omi


Join us in celebrating the launch of two-year installation: Barbacoa Omi by architect Craig Shillito, with collaborators Bobby Palombo, Katie Merz, and Ray Mohan.

This solstice-aligned installation sets the stage for people to interact with, and within, its environment in Architecture Field 02. Barbacoa Omi is more than an architectural experiment, it acts as a gathering place for a series of programs, workshops, dinners, and more. As day fades into evening, the lit kitchen and dining area glow as a beacon for visitors and diners invited to celebrate an international chef exchange and engage in dialogue. The work is a thought experiment exploring the potential for art and architecture to work in tandem to help communities envision an intercultural and sustainable future.

FOOD INTERACTION: Craig Shilitto and team will be featuring traditional South American bites, including pre-Columbian and post-Columbian recipes. One highlight includes a whole pig cooked in the Taino-based method of barbacoa.

DRINK: Beer, wine, and refreshments will be served.Footwear appropriate for a rustic setting is recommended.

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