Ghent, New York


Queens Red and Orange Zones Move to “Yellow” Based on Progress Made Over Past 14 Days

Rockland, Orange and Broome County Zones will Remain the Same Until They Meet Metrics to Reduce Restrictions

New Focus Area Zones for Steuben and Chemung Counties

Full Details on Metrics Available Here

Statewide Positivity Rate is 1.62 Percent

Positive Testing Rate in Hot Spot Areas is 6.61 Percent; New York State Positivity Without Red Zone Focus Areas Included is 1.42 Percent

7 COVID-19 Deaths in New York State Yesterday


“I’ve talked about this a lot”,said Governor Cuomo, “but a cluster does not happen unless two things happen: A lack of compliance and lack of enforcement. That’s the only way it happens. People didn’t comply, went to a party with more people, went to a bar with more people, had a private party in a backyard with more people. People weren’t wearing masks. A lack of compliance and a lack of enforcement by the local government. Where people don’t comply, the local government has to enforce. If you have no compliance and you have no enforcement, you know what you have? Spread. That’s it. There’s no rocket science here. How did it happen? People didn’t follow the rules. The government didn’t enforce the rules and now you have spread.”

Earlier today, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today detailed New York State’s COVID-19 micro-cluster strategy metrics. After 14 days of data monitoring, the Governor outlined modifications to some current focus zones, established new ones in areas where there are recent upticks in cases, and set criteria for areas to exit a focus zone. New York’s micro-cluster strategy detects small outbreaks and takes action to eliminate them.

“Fall turns into winter. Winter is going to be the season of the vaccine. That may very well be the most challenging operation government has had to perform all through COVID. You think testing was hard? You think testing and tracing was hard and putting them up and getting them moving and that was a challenge to government? It pales in comparison to administering vaccines. Just to put the numbers, we did 12 million COVID tests over seven months, moving heaven and earth. We have to do 40 million vaccinations.”

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