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13 November 2019 12:06PM
Susan Pepe


Hudson River Estuary Program Grants for Tributary Restoration and Resiliency
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation announced approximately $986,000 in competitive Hudson River Estuary Grants to help communities in the Hudson River estuary watershed remove dams or replace or right-size culverts and bridges to improve stream flow and to restore aquatic habitat connectivity.

Tributary Restoration and Resiliency grants will fund construction projects to remove dams; engineering and planning to remove dams; construction projects to remove/right-size culverts; and initial reconnaissance to assess dam removal. To be eligible, projects must conserve or restore aquatic habitat connectivity for American eel and/or river herring found in the tributary streams of the Hudson River estuary watershed.

The minimum award amount is $10,500 and the maximum is $986,000. Further information is available in the Request for Application document posted in the Grant Opportunity Portal on the New York State Grants Gateway (see “How to Apply” below).

How to Apply:
Visit the Hudson River Estuary Program’s website (www.dec.ny.gov/lands/5091.html) for more details. All applications must be submitted through the New York State Grants Gateway (https://grantsgateway.ny.gov) by 3:00 PM on February 5, 2020.

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