Hillsdale, New York
9 February 2018 12:53PM
Teshna Beaulieu D.C.

Heal Yourself and Others

Fit For Love: Transform your Love and Life Blueprints with Meridian Tapping Techniques (MTT)
A Life-Altering Two-Day Workshop
with Dr. Teshna Beaulieu

Saturday, March 3rd / Sunday, March 4th
Mettabee Farm, 551 Harlemville Rd, Hillsdale, NY

We are living in a time when the amount of everyday stress is escalating; keeping ourselves well, balanced, and happy is becoming ever more challenging. We all need to have at our fingertips the ability to heal ourselves, quickly shift our emotional states, and regain our power in the face of anything.

For over 31 years, Dr. Teshna has supported her patients with technologies that enable them to quickly clear emotional stress and regain their health from otherwise debilitating circumstances.

Join us for two days of fun, enlightening, and extremely powerful techniques that will give you the tools to heal yourself and others.

What you will learn in this two-day workshop:

*How to quickly and easily identify and eliminate unconscious programs, patterns, and beliefs that run your life in every area such as career, money, relationships and health using “Thought Field Therapy”/ TFT

*How to quickly and easily muscle test yourself and others as a way of determining whether or not you are in agreement with a belief

*Learn the concept of ‘Love Blueprint’ discover what your blueprint is, how it is created and why we are attracted to only certain people – discover how to redesign your blueprint to finally manifest your ideal mate

*How to improve all your relationships using these simple principles

*Find out if you’ve had a ‘Vanishing Twin’ – a common phenomena, (1 out of 8 people have this), which if left untreated can cause self-defeating patterns that will negatively affect your entire life and relationships

*Discover what the ‘Law of Attraction’ really is and how to powerfully apply it to create the life you want!

TIME: 9 AM – 5 PM Saturday, March 3 and Sunday, March 4 – Each day of the workshop will be a mix of lectures , exercises, sharing, and hands on techniques taught and practiced. You will be proficient with these techniques by the end of the second day!
LOCATION: Mettabee Farm, 551 Harlemville Rd, Hillsdale, NY. You can bring your lunch or go to the Hawthorne Valley Farm store during our lunch hour.
COST: $195 for one person – $350 for a couple or 2 family members or 2 friends.
Early Bird discount through Valentine’s Day, Feb 14th 2018: $195 for one person – $350 for a couple, 2 family members or 2 friends – Even though you are going to learn how to do this technique on yourself as well, we recommend that you invite a friend or family member to attend with you so you have a partner to work with in the future.
Email | teshnab@taconic.net
Call | 518-672-4019
Space is limited – Registration is required to reserve your space!

Not wheelchair accessible

What others say about Dr. Teshna’s workshops:

I enjoyed your workshop and got so much to take with me for my personal and professional life! I was able to use TFT right away with myself of course, but also with my 5 year old step son who has been having a difficult time with his emotions lately and getting overly upset and out of control in the last couple of weeks. Last night, he had another temper fit and said he could not control himself, so we went right into TFT and changed that belief. He calmed right down, looked at me like what just happened? and then gave me a great big hug, the whole family hugged and cuddled then as we have all been dealing with this for a while. What a relief to have such a tool at hand!
Thank you for sharing with and empowering us all to access this liberty!

Having studied a wide array of personal development material, this is among the most powerful I have ever encountered. The reason is this “technology” opens a completely unknown world to most – the subconscious. When one realizes the sub-conscious blueprint is our super computer and the most responsible part for what we manifest, it behooves all conscious beings to take a closer look. Teshna’s TFT “technology” is the answer helping clients: first, identify rogue programs in our sub-conscious blueprint: secondly, remove unwanted programs and beliefs: third, input the new program and beliefs we desire. Once this work is done – LOOK OUT…… the results are astounding. Due to Teshna’s work I did a 3-page detailed description of the new partner I wanted to attract in to my life and within months she appeared! and I must say my list was very specific with HIGH CRITERIA. This is the LAW OF ATTRACTION on steroids!

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