Hudson, New York
Local culture
10 November 2014 12:24AM
John Isaacs

The enterprising 65-year-old Japanese artist Kiyoshi Ike opened his own gallery, Concepto Hudson, a couple of months ago. The opening show was flashy but a bit disorienting, without clear direction, but Ike seems now to have a firm hold with a group show of six early-to-mid-career artists with a similarly interesting approach to representation—one might call it Neo Rauch-ism, a restrained, melancholic attractiveness that is refreshing—and a nice balance between male and female proclivities. I particularly liked the freeform, loony work of Rachel Phillips, whose large “Lion” of 2014 stood out, and Brooklyn-based London-trained Charlotte Evans’s delicate narrative landscapes. Among the men, Hiroyuki Nakamura offers ingenious and slightly creepy hallucinogenic contortions. Ike is advancing the Hudson art scene appropriately with his flair for accommodating accomplished and intriguing artists in small group shows. (Through December 7)

Down the street at Carrie Haddad, the aesthetic mood, if not that of the opening party itself, was rather more somber: maybe a few too many of Jane Bloodgood-Adams’ accomplished local landscapes dazzle with their golden glow, but sometimes veer close enough to kitsch you think your wings might melt (“Remembrance III”, the little moonlit landscape in the window is a sublime exception). In his cool but expressive portraits of men, blending glamor and grit, Mark Beard channels the rough polish and impeccable composition of George Bellows, but not always with the great master’s dynamism. Meanwhile, Dan Rupe’s impasto sketches echo the palette and simplicity of Edvard Munch’s landscapes with great charm, if not the Norwegian’s grandeur. A conservative show by Carrie’s standards. (Through December 14)

Rachel Phillips, “Lion”, 2014, at Concepto Hudson
Charlotte Evans, “Serve,” 2014, at Concepto Hudson
Concepto Hudson
Jane Bloodgood-Adams at Carrie Haddad Gallery Street
Mark Beard, portraits at Carrie Haddad Gallery
Dan Rupe, “Sunset Heat,” 2014, at Carrie Haddad

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