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16 February 2017 01:34PM
AT Mann


Get ready: The Appulse Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo happens at 7:34PM EST on 10 February, and although it’s not as a potent force due to its distance from the Nodes of 10+ degrees, the overall chart will be dramatic and full of posing as personalities and ideas clash across the skies and around the world. The Aquarius Sun (masculine principle) appears to initiate collective and idealistic agendas, while the opposing Leo Moon (as the feminine principle) tensions these quite abstract intentions with reality and often forces people to think of themselves and their actual needs creatively. So, this struggle for control of one’s destiny is a major dynamic in play now and we will surely see what direction things are going in and their repercussions.

This is particularly complex because there are two major shapes conjoining the eclipse luminaries — a fiery bow and arrow Grand Trine and a fire+air Mystic Rectangle, and in addition a Yod pointing at the Nodal Axis. These shapes show power and a kind of integration in action as they involve Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and through a tension filled t-square, collective and governmental Pluto in Capricorn, while the Yod is an interaction between Mercury and Venus versus the Node.

It is also unusual in that the two outermost planets, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn, are the only ones in (feminine) water or earth signs. All the rest are in fire and air signs, considered masculine, active and of course self-expressive, so we can expect the fireworks of the last month or so as just the beginning of the action. A landslide of ideas is reaching a point where both planets make an impact and maximize dissent as the oppositional forces group in an attempt to balance the rising tide of rhetoric as it turns into action. The grand trine focusing on the Leo Moon includes the constrained, oppressive and orderly Saturn in Sagittarius in the fourth house of down-home conservative values as well as the restless, ambitious and rebellious Uranus in Aries in the eighth house, showing underground tensions mounting and hidden agendas coming into focus. The nature of grand trine shapes often obscure the center of the chart and in some way captures it, meaning that where there usually is a balance in such a shape, here the two planets that rule Aquarius and hence the Sun as the target, combine their influence just as they do for Aquarians, which is that the idealistic structures and the concomitant constraints of Saturn vie with the desire for independence and freedom of Uranus. Lack of respect for the rules often leads to breaking them, whether intentionally or unintentionally, and in this case the result can be fireworks.

The mystic rectangle adds to the luminaries ingredients of the expansive and optimistic Jupiter in the equilibrating and legal sign Libra having just gone retrograde, showing the collective sense of justice moving backwards into the past, just as a conservative agenda would seem to symbolize, once again in opposition to the rebellious and impulsive Uranus in the fiery and independent Aries, making an obstinate adherence to one’s principles from inherent opposition rather than true conviction, so multiple showdowns seem apparent during the next weeks.

The storyteller of wounding Chiron in the sensitive and defensive sign Pisces makes many feel alienated, unfairly prejudiced against, and unable to stand up for themselves, and this ironically is happening both ways, like the fishes joined by their tails. New stories are arising that are fundamentally changing the conversations on many controversial issues, and are often hurtful not only of emotions, but also the element water itself, as purity of intention and sacrifice accumulate relationship karma, meaning that our choices affect everything including our environment, our closest connections and our ability to even understand one another. In Orwell’s “1984,” language is of central importance to behavioral control. If control of language were centralized in a state, then the possibility of rebellion or disobedience would be eliminated is the main postulate of the book. So, are we entering an era of Newspeak? It looks suspiciously like that, so we must fight this possibility.

Added to this stew of major planets are several sub-texts, such as the approaching passionate conjunction of Venus with Mars in the active fire sign Aries just in time for Valentine’s Day on 14 February. This will be intense, sexual (or sexist?) and often tactless, probably exaggerated by the semi-sextile of Mars approaching Neptune in Pisces, which can bring a difficulty handling these particular passions, resulting in angry interchanges that might even create a paralysis of activity in many working relationships. The conjunction also sextiles (no pun intended) the inspirational and intellectual Mercury in progressive and individual Aquarius, which also brings up ideas relating to gender issues, Utopian agendas and innovations in mass communication that are affecting all kinds of issues including truth and/or consequences, depending on which side of the aisle you happen to be sitting, but ultimately it will profoundly affect all of us into the future.

Lastly the North Node in the critical and perfectionist sign Virgo is trapped in the twelfth house, as many voices remain in limbo via its close and frustrating yod involving quincunxes to Mercury in Aquarius, which also brings up issues around conflicting ideals, and also to Venus in Aries, showing us that it is essential for communication and relationship to be revisioned and utilized as forcefully as necessary in the present circumstances. When critical faculties so central to any debate suddenly go missing, what are we left with? Again the questions remain that we must utilize media to counteract what we believe is distorted…

I wouldn’t be surprised if, after reading this newsletter, you might consider having an Update, or going back to square one with a Life Time reading, a counselling session or even a reading with the Mandala Astrological Tarot. Do be in touch if this interests you. I have gotten an amazing amount of positive and creative feedback from my recent interview with Adam Sommer, especially Serpent Dreams, which might well be the title of the book I am about to present to publishers.

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