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8 November 2018 11:25AM
AT Mann


ATMann’s November Scorpio New Moon Astrology Newsletter
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The Wednesday, 7 November Scorpio New Moon is at 11:02AM EST and both luminaries sit at the top of the chart, showing their primary importance within a close and densely interconnected chart. There are many anomalies here or coming soon, including Uranus going retrograde back into Aries, in opposition to Venus retrograding in Libra. Mercury is about to go retrograde on 17 November until early December, and Jupiter is about to enter its natural home, the fire sign Sagittarius on 8 November. All these signal changes, moving backward, agreements were broken and misunderstandings on many fronts, but with a slightly more positive time with potential to change. With both Sun and Moon in Scorpio, it means also the beginning of deep struggles and the possibility for hidden agendas and shifts that have gone against logic could become areas of conversion and a correction.

The luminaries connect with the two outermost planets, via a positive mediating trine to the sea god Neptune and also a sextile the god of the underworld Pluto, showing that transformation cannot arise without sacrifice, without old outworn ideas dying to provide space for new agendas and goals that will certainly provoke opposition, yet things seem more opportunistic and riper with potential. Since new moons are times of seeding new concepts, and the integration of male and female energies, especially in what is considered a feminine water sign, it is likely to be quite emotional and one outcome is that women should feel good about an expression of their power being seen widely, and the conditional and provocative sesquiquadrate aspect to the storyteller of woundedness the asteroid Chiron shows conditional healing energies are likely to appear to modulate hurt emotions. The inclusion of Neptune obscures deeper causes and untruths, so there is still an imbalance in many areas, so we must look out for such dichotomies in our everyday lives as well.

The good news is that the beneficent Jupiter enters its ruling sign Sagittarius on 8 November for a year after its difficult sojourn through Scorpio, and a different sense of balance should result, a broader, more open and resonant view of things and possible openings for creative enterprises to emerge. Its power will spread shortly as it is in a watery grand trine with the North Node of family and organizational changes and Chiron retrograding in the end of Pisces, showing that a healing is needed and could be engaging on a broader level in the next year, one aspect of which should be an engagement with more interactive policies and views that should also be more inclusive. The Jupiter trine Node is also a very lucky and beneficial aspect as it encourages agreement and creative activities, as well as better relationships with allies. Jupiter in Sag also brings more focus on international influences in positive ways by opening up the US perspective, which has been subdued and tainted in recent years. However, we always have to remember not to be too positive or Stupider at this time….

Since Mercury goes into retrograde mode on 17 November in Sag, it will be meeting Jupiter toward the end of November and this is a very good connection in many ways despite the retrogradation as it helps communication, encourages a wider view and is much more open to change, although the retro Mercury is much better at redefining past patterns than creating new and original ones, but it could also involve legal efforts involving you-know-who for past deeds. Although in saying that, the square to Neptune means that truth is still hard to come by and elusive, to say the least, so don’t expect clarity to emerge from its watery grave too quickly. So, the overall news is that Mercury the trickster will remain in force, so expect a spread of confusion and reversion, especially over past influences, choices and situations, yet it can be used when its secrets are known, like buying used objects and technology, understanding the past, and repairing past relationship mistakes and miscommunications, if there is a will to do so.

One of the more potent combinations is the opposition of two retrograde planets, Venus in its sign Libra opposite Uranus in Aries (which just went retrograde back into Arues on 6 November, both of them squaring the Nodal axis in the last degrees of Cancer and Capricorn, making a cardinal grand cross. This is a truly powerful situation as it indicates extreme self-will, making eccentric communications and decisions, and acting in erratic and deeply felt ways, and even consciously going against the current flow. This is pure rebellion and creates chaotic situations in its wake, partially because not only are Venus and Uranus retrograde, but the Nodal axis is always retrograde as well. This is an attempt to reverse current trends and movements toward the past yet seeking to escape incriminating past actions. Its best to just get out of the way on this one, especially since Mars in the detached Aquarius shows idealistic actions that create angst, anger and possibly violence, although restrained in the mind, but calculated to inflame as many people as possible. However, this constellation will change form when Venus goes direct, and Mars enters the passive and sacrificial sign Pisces also on 16 November.

The “missing link” in the entire equation is Saturn in its sign Capricorn, whose only aspect is a trine to the flagrant Uranus of the aforesaid opposition making the grand cross. This shows that diplomacy is unlikely to work now and that everyone in power is feeling constrained and restricted, creating a sense of wanting to escape, but with few loopholes apart from radical and irrational words and actions. Expect fireworks here.

I am doing a small talk on Life Time Astrology at SoulWellness in Manhattan on Saturday 10 November from 4—6PM, however the space is limited so contact them as soon as possible in case it interests you. If you are interested it will be an introduction to a series of weekend workshops in Saugerties, NY (near Woodstock) during the spring months, especially teaching Life Time Astrology for therapists, body workers, psychotherapists and others as well as astrologers wanting to learn about my techniques. Contact Renee Rotkopf on a Facebook page here.

I am available for readings these days before I travel to the UK for December with my daughter, so be in touch as I am free these days and ready to go.

All the best and navigate these times mindfully,

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