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11 December 2015 03:40PM
Enid Futterman-2

He stops just short of issuing the same proclamation, but it’s clear that Sheriff Bartlett wants those of us who just happen to have guns to carry them around with us. Just in case.

“Since last week’s announcement by Ulster County Sheriff PJ Van Blarcum, in which he encouraged licensed firearm owners in his county to carry their weapons, I have received many calls and inquiries seeking my input and opinion. The story has exploded online and in the media, and in some instances the statement has been purported to mean something more than it was intended to.

Sheriff Van Blarcum’s statement was not a call for lawlessness or vigilantism. It was a call for those among us – active and retired police/peace officers, members of the military, and residents who are licensed firearm owners – to carry their firearms so that they are prepared to act should their life – or the lives of others – be threatened.

We live in a dangerous world. The threat of violence by nefarious individuals against soft targets is a growing concern. No government, no agency, no individual can anticipate nor defend against all attacks – as was unfortunately proven on December 2, 2015 in San Bernardino, CA. It seems only prudent that we use all appropriate means of deterring and meeting such threats and, as individuals, be prepared to defend ourselves and others should a situation require. I believe that was the intent of Sheriff Van Blarcum’s message, and I support him on that.”

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