Hudson, New York
12 August 2017 01:02AM
Richard Moody


Columbia County and Greene County showed fast growth in its tourism industry, evidenced by a state survey of the economic impact of tourism throughout the state based on data from 2016.

The state’s survey, focused on numbers from 2016, is called “The Economic Impact of Tourism in New York.” It includes numbers from six counties in the Hudson Valley.

According to the survey, tourists spent over $140 million in Columbia County in 2016 and tax revenues generated by tourists grew by 8.2 percent.

Greene County Administrator Shaun Groden said his county’s sales tax revenue is 4 percent higher than it was at the same time last year.

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Scott Myers
Scott Myers 12 August 2017 12:31PM

Yes, but it’s not enough. The seasonal nature, the reality it’s largely moving money not making new money, is a problem. Hudson got it right to create a tech project, fund it, and clear the permits. We seem to push actual commerce away, and as a result Greene County has a DECLINING per capita, and is losing population. Most people with (non-pubic) jobs work outside the county (VIncent Seeley).

Not to administrators and legislatures… concentrate, effectively, on negotiating to being tech and industry here, even to Catskill. Lot ‘o nice corporate bldgs on Catskill Creek that are empty.


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