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11 February 2019 06:48AM

Lipkowitz, a retired New York City attorney now living in Great Barrington, MA, has been interested in photography since childhood, receiving his first camera at age 10 and graduating to a Leica by 15. Nearly four decades past before his passion for wildlife photography was ignited by 6 a.m. excursions to Central Park’s Rowboat Pond, a 10 minute walk from home where he saw Great Blue, Black Crowned and Green Herons, Great Egrets and many other species of ducks throughout the year. His earliest avian subjects were a family of Mute Swans and their dozen or so downy cygnets.
The birds of Central Park remained an interest until 2006 as did the birds of Florida where Lipkowitz made many late April trips to the St. Augustine Alligator Farm, a great habitat for wading birds which roost and breed in the trees growing from the swamp. A few eggs, chicks and sometimes adult birds fall to the gators, but, hundreds of chicks of many species of herons and egrets are raised successfully often just along the boardwalk where all one needs to do is stick a camera practically into a nest.
So far, Lipkowitz now has five African safaris behind him. Together with his wife Nina, (herself an artist), he has traveled aboard a Russian nuclear powered icebreaker to the North Pole followed by the Antarctic, Japan in winter to photograph the snow monkeys and two trips to India. Having upgraded his photography gear from film to digital, from his early Leica to some of the latest gear for capturing life in the wild, Lipkowitz has developed an eye for creating images that move us to nurture our beautiful and fragile planet. For this show, Lipkowitz muses on those observations he has made and chooses, from his extensive portfolio, the finest photographs that are closest to his own experiences with the natural world.

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