Hudson, New York
Scott Myers


Greene County wants to buy a Cadillac and is now bargaining about the options.

A second day explaining plans for a new set of human cages showed the futility of reducing costs. Engineers showed that no reductions are possible.

The plans were secret before being forced into public view, even from legislators. The plans entirely move and incorporate the Sheriff’s Office into the new facility, which for all purposes is a prison, not a jail. There’s no way to lop off the Sheriff’s Office. Moreover, all manner of amenities are included, conference rooms, gun, evidence, training, and lineup are all included – even a gym (note that a YMCA is available across the street.

The cost is exorbitant – $54 million, which is $89 million with interest of 3.5% for 30 years. Problems at the site include clay, which means a pit 6′ deep is required, then sealed, then layered with gravel. There are no services to the site, which means that gas, electricity, water, and sewage must be provided from scratch. Natural gas lines cot $500,000.

Each effort to lower the cost would up either inhibiting expansion or decreasing the longevity. The $89 million price is for the construction only. No cost estimates are provided for maintenance, the operation of the facility, salaries, transportation, medical, defense or program.

Yard signs stating “Save Jobs Build Jail” are self-defeating once one notices the $89 million laves the county – no jobs here with that money bub.


This facility is a HUGE mistake.

The simple and perfectly reasonable solution is already in play – sharing the Hudson jail. It is already legal to share a jail. It is NOT already legal to move the sheriff’s office, which these plans entirely accomplish.

The Greene County Jail closed on April 20, but not by a competent administrator; engineers closed it.

Now we find ourselves being controlled by engineers again, engineers who are NOT from Greene County. Pike is in Saratoga County. SMRT is in Albany County.

All construction costs simply leave the county. The construction crews will not be from Greene County. $89 Million. For perspective, the annual budget for Greene County is $110 million. This facility serves 50 detainees. That’s it! We don’t have much crime in Greene County. The numbers driving this project came from Ricci Greene, WHO DIDN’T DO THE RESEARCH – THEY DIDN’T HAVE ANY RAW DATA.

Pay attention Greene County. Stop this NOW. If you don’t, you will empower local police who were screamed at by the Commission of Corrections’s Chair Thomas Beilein. Peruse these FOILed records if you want proof (FOILed correspondence from COC to and from Groden, Kaplan, Lewis, Spitz and Greg Seeley.


Here are some more references to the timeline: Enjoy












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