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10 November 2017 11:05AM

Sometimes police departments get painted with a broad brush. It is important to reinforce the “service” aspect of our job..which is to bravely and instinctively respond and assist all members of our community.

HPD Rescues Convicted Man

At 7:07am HPD received a call from a motorist who spotted a man lying on the ground in the playground adjacent to Bliss Towers, 41 N 2nd Street. Three minutes later HPD officers arrived on the scene and discovered 31 yr old MICHAEL A JOHNSON of Hudson, unconscious and not breathing. Officer David Card administered CPR, aided by Sgt Jason Finn and Officer Nick Hodges. JOHNSON was soon revived and transported by Greenport Rescue Squad to Columbia Memorial Hospital. Officers suspect that JOHNSON may have been intoxicated or impaired, and had been outside in the freezing weather for most of the evening.

Charges are pending against JOHNSON as he had been ordered to stay off Bliss Towers property.

JOHNSON was arrested by HPD on August 18, 2017 for possession of a loaded stolen handgun on the 200 block of Long Alley. On October 27, 2017 JOHNSON plead guilty to the charges and is out on bail awaiting sentencing in County Court on December 5, 2017.

“Mr. JOHNSON has commanded a lot of attention from our Department over recent years. Aside from his dozen or so arrests since 2009 and his possession of a loaded weapon during our violent summer, he was also the uncooperative victim of the elevator beating on July 13th at Bliss Towers. Our three Officers responded without hesitation and saved his life. Three minute response time.” Chief Moore

HPD Revives Second Person Today- 11/10/17

After reviving an intoxicated man who nearly froze to death this morning outside Bliss Towers, the Hudson Police Department was called to action again today to perform life saving aid.

At 1:04pm HPD was called to #7 South 7th Street for a report of a female who had possibly overdosed and was unconscious. Officer David Card, for the second time today, was on scene in less than 3 minutes. Uniform patrol Officers Hodges, Sgt Finn and Detectives Pierro and Keyser all joined in the effort to resuscitate the 28 year old Chatham woman. Detective Pierro administered Narcan, and breathing was restored. Greenport Rescue Squad transported her to the Columbia Memorial Hospital, where she is currently being treated.

The incident remains under investigation. “There are two people alive today because of the quick action of our patrol, dispatch, and the professional abilities of the Greenport Rescue Squad.” Chief

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