Hudson, New York
13 February 2018 03:29PM
Sadhana Center for Yoga


Saturday, February 17
2:00pm – 4:30pm
Feathertail Farm

People seek out a past life regression or a past life journey to find clarity on relationships, where a health issue originated, resolving karma, fears and phobias uncovered, discovering meaning of prominent dreams, discover cause of a problem and plain old curiosity. Journeying, in this context, happens in the deeper hypnotic states, and can done in a group setting in which the discovery happens internally for the participants.

In group sessions the collective energy and excitement of the participants can create a sense of ease, whether you are new or seasoned. Not only will we experience a past life journey but we will also look at the value of this kind of work, its applications to our lives and how to practice on our own.

Individual past Life regression therapy differs in that the processing happens in dialog out loud with a hypnotherapist. Sometimes participants need the one on one facilitation and the group journey therefore serves to pave the way for that work and it conditions the mind for success other trance and meditative processes.

-Dress comfortably so you can be free of distractions.
-Eat well beforehand so your appetite won’t interfere with your session –
not too full but with enough calories to last the workshop.
-Refrain from excessive caffeine or any other mind altering substances. A
cup of tea or coffee beforehand is fine.
-Come with an open mind and an open heart.
-You may want to bring a journal for afterwards.

For more information, visit gaurapriya.com

Sadhana Center for Yoga and Meditation
403 Warren Street, 3rd Floor
Hudson, NY


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