Hudson, New York
11 October 2018 02:45PM

Ron Gabriele delivers a presentation of Pearl Harbor, The Day of Infamy Part 1

Ron Gabriele delivers this presentation in two parts. In Part I we will attempt to explain why Japan would take such a bold step and attack American forces based at Pearl Harbor and bring about a world war between the two nations.

We will examine the ancient Japanese code of Bushido, the Washington Naval Treaty and the Manchurian Incident.

Further we will discuss the roiled and convoluted state of affairs that existed in the upper levels of the Japanese government at the time of Pearl Harbor.

Ron Gabriele is a 1959 graduate of Coxsackie-Athens High School and a 1963 graduate of Brockport State College with a BS in Health and Physical Education. He taught PE and coached varsity sports in the Kingston City Schools Consolidated from 1963-1974 and at Columbia-Greene Community College from 1974-2003. He also served as Director of Athletics from 1974-1991. Ron was a sports announcer and play-by-play commentator at four radio stations from 1966-1991 (WGHQ and WKNY in Kingston and WHUC and WCKL in Hudson and Catskill).

Thursday, October 25th
Listen & Learn: Pearl Harbor, The Day of Infamy
Part II—Plan of Attack
10:30 am—12:00 noon
Rm: Faculty/Staff Lounge
Ron Gabriele

Ron Gabriele returns and in Part II of this presentation we will discuss the attack on Pearl Harbor. We will examine the plan of attack as designed by Admiral Isoroko Yamamoto and discuss his personal reluctance to go to war with America.

We will look at the precise details that Yamamoto brilliantly built into the plan of attack known as Operation Z.

Further we will discuss the extensive damage done at Pearl Harbor by Japanese warplanes and, “the failure to pursue” by the Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo as he fails to follow Yamamoto’s plan for three waves in the attack at Pearl Harbor.

Listen and Learn is open to the public. Please contact the ALI Office to register.

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