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12 October 2017 08:08AM


WGXC is in the midst of its Harvest Pledge Drive. WGXC is a platform for independent voices, bringing truly original perspectives and sounds to the airwaves. We come to you now because the station must raise 50 percent of its modest operating budget through listener support.

There are many reasons to invest in Wave Farm’s WGXC.

At this moment in time, important debates are taking place in our community that will shape our country for generations to come. WGXC gives you what you need to better understand the issues, whether it be economic development, immigration, health care, water quality, education, or culture. Only WGXC brings you news of the Hudson River, your congressman’s voting record, and local elections with the fresh perspective that informs and enlightens, keeping the civic debate lively and our democracy healthy.

WGXC believes in: Community, creative use of the airwaves, and hands-on, two-way radio.

WGXC’s commitment to both creative and community radio makes it truly unique. The station not only reflects the communities within its local geographic boundaries, it also serves as a celebrated worldwide venue for radio as an artistic medium. For more than six years, Wave Farm’s WGXC has been the only FM station in the country to dedicate substantial airtime to experimental sound programming produced by artists near and far.

WGXC brings you diverse, high-quality music content, curated by humans and responsive to listeners. Our programmers choose the best of their personal music collections and recent releases to deliver hours of unique, eclectic entertainment every day.

WGXC needs YOUR tax-deductible support to continue.

This freedom and diversity are only possible on listener-supported, community radio. Keeping this station vital and accessible requires the support of those who cherish radio as unique and adventurous as WGXC — which is why we ask you to contribute your financial support today. Thank you!

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