Hudson, New York
Betsy Miller


Hudson’s premiere ice cream store, has teamed up with the Hudson Area Library and the musician owners of Hudson’s newest (and only) fragrance shop, 2 Note Botanical Perfumery located right next door.

The result? Background acoustic music will be performed outside the doors of LICK each Tuesday evening in August, and a portion of the profits from sales of ice cream between the hours of 7pm and 10pm will be donated to the Campaign for the new Hudson Area Library.

What could be more fun than eating ice cream for a cause? Maybe eating ice cream while listening to live music.

In a stroke of brilliance, LICK’s owners, Christopher Haupert and Michael Harris, teamed up with their next-door neighbors, Carolyn Mix and Darcy Doniger. Together they are offering an evening of background music–Celtic, Contemporary, Folk & Fusion–combined with the consumption of delicious ice cream, all on behalf of the new Hudson Area Library.

Mix and Doniger are the owners of 2 Note, whose doors will be open during the event, too. Their shop name, 2 Note, wasn’t chosen by accident. The couple has been playing music together for more than 8 years. In creating their brand 2 Note, they managed to combine all their passions under one roof. Doniger says, “Botanical notes and musical notes–an endless harmony!”

The cellist and fiddle player will be providing “magnetic, harmonious, energetic music” al fresco, on Tuesday evenings in August. “We hope this will be a draw and encourage people to come to LICK,” said Michael Harris. “Our idea is to donate a portion of our Tuesday evening profits to the Campaign for the New Hudson Library. Hopefully, Carolyn and Darcy’s music will be just the right incentive to bring more people out to eat ice cream.”

Overall, the Library intends to raise $2 million dollars to be used for furniture, fixtures & equipment, updating and expanding collections and additional staffing as well as long-term financial planning.

The Campaign for the Hudson Area Library is supported in part by gifts and pledges from The T. Backer Fund, The Bank of Greene County Charitable Foundation, The Children’s Foundation of Columbia County, The Alexander & Marjorie Hover Foundation, The Hudson River Bank & Trust Foundation, The Raymond C. Kennedy Foundation, Inc., the New York State Public Library Construction Grant Program, The Rheinstrom Hill Community Foundation, The Taconic Foundation, Inc., and many generous individuals and corporate sponsors.

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