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30 March 2014 06:06PM
Enid Futterman-2

In a pair of Le Perche parlors, packed with usual (Carole Osterink, Ellen Thurston, Jacob Brackman, John Isaacs, Marianne Rossant, Lucy Nathanson, David Brown, Erika Laurion, Mary Vaughn Williams, Paul & K.C. Harbutt) and unusual (to me) suspects, James Braly workshopped his new monologue about his life as a motivational speech writer, to support his Manhattan habit (and habitat).

Often hilarious, occasionally rambling (like I said, a workshop), but always identifiable and engaging storytelling by Braly, whose performance style is the opposite of say, Spalding Gray, who spoke slowly and carefully, never moving from his seated position at a table.

Braly stood, animated (see pic), only rarely consulting his notes, as he unleashed torrents of well-chosen words at the rate of, I would guess, 200 wpm.
(My personal favorite–”Napoleon”–used to describe a frightening stack of bills.)

And my favorite moment–the rather brazen but brilliant argument, to a Central Park West co-op board, that a freelancer has a more stable income than a jobholder. Why? Because the jobholder is dependent on the approval of one person–his boss– while the freelancer has many masters, each of them expendable. Worked for me, and, apparently, for the board.

Anyway, a swell way to spend a Hudson evening,

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