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16 February 2017 11:09AM


During the coming days, WGXC programmers, volunteers, and staff must raise $20,000 to keep WGXC Hands-on Radio on the air, live and local during the coming months. To do your part, call (518) 697-7400 now, or go online to wgxc.org/donate.

Independent media has never been more critical.

WGXC is a uniquely accessible and fiercely independent platform. From election coverage to the front lines of a protest turned town hall meeting and local and regional news coverage every day, on-air dialogues about local issues, as well as hours of rock and roll, experimental sounds, jazz, country, psychedelia, death metal and more, plus Democracy Now!, WGXC brings you hours and hours of live and local radio throughout the week.

This month Wave Farm’s WGXC celebrates six years on your FM dial. Only with listener support will WGXC continue to be able to provide unprecedented local access for the production and broadcast of programming by and for the exceptionally diverse communities of New York’s Upper Hudson Valley.

To support local free expression and free speech, and this truly unique, radical (and often outrageous) radio station, please go online, right now, to wgxc.org/donate and make your tax-deductible contribution.

Thank you for keeping Hands-on Radio alive and well in Greene and Columbia counties!

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