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24 September 2017 05:29PM
Enid Futterman


“On August 29, the South Bay Coalition submitted a formal request to the “City of Hudson Zoning Enforcement Officer” for “an accurate delineation of all boundaries between the City’s Recreational Conservation District and its Core Riverfront district.” The request goes on to say: “The requested clarification is a necessary prerequisite for public understanding of a road proposal by A. Colarusso and Son, Inc. . . . ”

“As is illustrated on the zoning map below, the Core Riverfront District (C-R)—the darker shade of green—extends like a rat’s tail through the Recreational Conservation District (R-C)—the lighter shade of green—across South Bay to Hudson’s border with Greenport on the east side of Route 9G. The rat’s tail, of course, is the path of the controversial haul road.

“It’s important to know the exact width and location of the rat’s tail as it cuts through South Bay because the proposal to move and widen the roadway may result in the road encroaching on the Recreational Conservation (R-C) District where a roadway for heavy industrial vehicles would be prohibited. Steve Dunn, in his letter to Colarusso president Paul Colarusso, noted a specific “choke point” where the haul road could not be widened without encroaching into the R-C District. The following is quoted from Dunn’s letter.”

Read on at the link above.

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