2becomes1: widowhood for the rest of us

15 August 2017 03:17PM


A three o’clock Andrew leaned against the stone post on one side of the staircase leading into the historic courthouse, hands in his pockets. He would give Bryan the length of one smoke before going to look for him.  

Andrew liked the view here, which…

29 June 2017 11:32AM


Annie opened her eyes. First light, and Andrew was awake, she could tell, lying on his back; he was always awake now, whenever she woke up.

“I dreamed I couldn’t find my house,” she said. “I was driving around, and it just wasn’t there.”

He turned and…

28 June 2017 11:25AM


When she heard the shower start, Annie went into the bathroom and sat on the cover of the toilet seat, holding a clean bath towel for Andrew.

She reminded herself that while it had been a good car, with an adorable sunroof, it lacked a…

16 December 2016 06:46AM


“What was burning?”

“Your car.”

9 December 2016 06:24AM


” . . . Since I think of you as my partner—my love, my spouse, my life—will you marry me?”

“—I just fainted.”

20 June 2016 06:24AM


“Here’s the way I feel,” said Annie.

“If he keys my car, I’ll have to suck it up. If he slashes my tires, I’ll report it to the police, even if it’s the police that did it.

“If he poisons my dog, I’ll have to…

18 June 2016 07:20AM


“Well, shit,” sighed Andrew.

“That’s it,” said JR from the back seat. “Black man in a nice car, they harass you.”

9 June 2016 06:40AM


. . . In her fatigue Annie observed that the cops had been transformed into theater artists, in costume, and this event a performance piece, lit by three red strobe lights, in which you took every single thing out of the car, and then out…

23 March 2016 06:24AM


“Piss in your drink?”


In two steps Andrew stood over Bryan and poured the Gatorade over the boy’s head.

“Goddammit, Bryan,” I told you not to be an asshole!”

Photo courtesy of dailyrepublic.com

1 December 2015 06:52AM


“I am pleased, and proud, and honored to have won this election!” Kathleen shouted to the fifty people packed into the one-room temporary Democratic HQ in Schuyler.

“The vote is close! What does that mean, everybody?”

“Your! Vote! Matters!” they shouted back to her.

13 November 2015 06:47AM


“No groceries tonight,” Annie told Andrew on the phone later Friday afternoon. “I’ll pick you up for a meeting of Kathleen’s kitchen cabinet. She’s terrified.”

5 November 2015 08:31PM


“Are you the devil?” Kathleen asked Andrew.

“No need for the devil,” he said. “It was there. There for the taking.”

30 October 2015 06:46AM


Andrew chose a Snickers bar and put the wrapper in the cart. “They’re so fucking cheerful,” he whispered. “When do people have sex?”

“They don’t.”

“But they have all these children.”

“—I don’t know, Andrew. You’re a reporter. Ask them.”

“I’m not a reporter. I move apples. What…

30 October 2015 06:29AM


In the background, “Motherland” by Natalie Merchant is playing.

Photo from buzzerg.

22 October 2015 02:50PM


Annie realizes she is Andrew’s moll. And doesn’t mind.

8 October 2015 09:47AM


He liked to see her profile out of the corner of his eye, totally focused on the driving, breathing bits and pieces of junk rock n’ roll (no Beatles—they shared a decade of fatigue with the Fab Four) that she knew from the first chord.…

22 July 2015 06:46AM


If the days were a calm, unruffled sea, the nights were choppier, with an invisible breeze creating restless waves in the dark.

22 July 2015 06:41AM


“What’s that?” asked Annie

“It’s a laptop,” said Andrew. “Computer. MacBook. New this year.” [The year is 1994.]

“What does it do?”

“It helps me think.”

22 July 2015 06:33AM


“Were you talking to someone?” Annie asked.

“A guy,” said Andrew. “Had the wrong house.”

“What did he look like?”

“Like a guy who was in the wrong place.”

22 July 2015 06:26AM


“This is a very sexy house, Annie.”

11 April 2015 06:23AM


“You made a drive you hated and risked melanoma.”

“One week out of the year. It seemed like something I could give him.”

27 February 2015 09:11PM

2becomes1:widowhood for the rest of us/ Chapter 29/Departures.html

. . . “Do you remember that scene in Jules and Jim?” Annie said.

“. . . The three of them are setting out,” said Andrew, “and she burns some papers . . . letters?”

“You remember it! What did you think? I was horrified.”


14 February 2015 07:21PM


. . . He was a reporter again . . . He had a pretty girlfriend, they went dancing on Saturday nights, and there were stories all over the place.

14 February 2015 06:19AM


. . . “I was thinking about moving up there.”

“To the COUNTRY?” Caroline, who never raised her voice, had elevated her voice.

“It’s not always the country,” said Andrew. “They have this sort of Needle Park at one end of Schuyler.”

“Wonderful. Just what you need.”

12 February 2015 08:01PM


Being self-reliant does not mean being empowered. Kathleen said that . . .


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