Lindsay Brice: So it was

1 February 2019 03:00PM

We had a Super Bowl party at the Chateau, a memorable gathering of friends happy to have come together from near and far. The Who played the halftime show. The snacks were good, too. Spirits were high in early 2010 before things weren’t all right.


2 January 2019 05:26PM

Popped up in my photos, as they do,
On this date in 2009, flying into the Albany airport after Christmas.

23 December 2018 05:05PM

Christmas in Minneapolis, 2008

21 November 2018 02:02AM

On our first Thanksgiving together, Tom roasted a duck.
Livingston, November 2001

15 November 2018 12:51AM

In September 2009, Tom and I traveled to Minneapolis for a gala celebration honoring Dudley Riggs, founder of the Brave New Workshop where Tom and Al first took their act beyond school chapel announcements.
The gala was downtown, but for old time’s sake we visited the…

10 May 2018 07:42PM

Writing, sort of.

Livingston, NY, May 2002

15 April 2018 09:01PM

Lovely, every year.

3 March 2018 03:22PM


8 December 2017 09:20PM

Some of our Decembers…..

30 October 2017 01:46PM

I didn’t photograph Tom much toward the end of his life. It seemed exploitive to do that when he was compromised in every sense.

He asked me return to the house to bring my camera along for our walk to the creek that October morning. I’m…

11 August 2017 08:47PM

For one week in 2007 and one week in 2008, we camped in the desert in Nevada beyond reach, no contact with the rest of the world, no disturbances. During those two isolated weeks, Tom felt free, and he sparkled.

When he published his memoir in…

30 May 2017 08:04PM

A sign.
Brooklyn, May 2017.

23 May 2017 10:28PM

Once, while we were visiting my family in Georgia, we stopped at a roadside peachstand. I bought a small brown paper bag of hot boiled peanuts, a traditional South Georgia summer treat. I took Tom’s photograph just after he’d tried his first one. He liked…

12 May 2017 06:04PM

In May 2010, one month after we were told he’d die, Tom and I traveled to a Xanadu overlooking the Pacific Ocean to be among his most beloved friends who’d gathered for him, and he was miserable.

He’d changed dramatically within that one month. Upon…

7 May 2017 07:23PM

On the afternoon Tom was diagnosed, we filled out forms as we sat side-by-side in a row of chairs in the waiting area of Mt. Sinai’s Ruttenberg Center. One question began, “Before you had cancer…” We looked to one another, surprised by the bluntness of…

3 May 2017 10:32PM

We drove from Hudson to Albany at least twice a year to fly to Minneapolis. We were with the family at Christmas, of course, and in July for the traditional July 4 celebration with all the cousins at Uncle Bob’s and to see Tom’s hometown…

3 May 2017 10:00PM

Life seemed so simple, so beautiful, so pure, and we were blithe. We could not have imagined what lay in store at the end of our first summer together. Who among us could have? Nothing we’d known would ever be the same.
Livingston, near Hudson…

3 May 2017 09:48PM

On June 2, 2001 at the home of Rosemary Woodruff Leary near Santa Cruz. Tom had traveled from Hudson, I from Manhattan. Though we’d met at Timothy Leary’s house in Beverly Hills many times years before, I’d paid him little mind. This time we knew…


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