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15 March 2016 02:26AM
Barbara Reina


They Found it in the Basement and Turned it into a Documentary

Antiques Roadshow, a popular PBS television program, has turned cleaning-out the family basement into a search for buried treasure.

In upstate New York, a treasure was recently found in the basement storage room of the Kinderhook Memorial Library. Under Moldering volumes of an historic collection of books destroyed by flooding, mold and mildew, an undamaged book protected in a tightly enclosed barrister case caught the eye of library volunteers.

Like a time traveler awakening in the future from a long and protected sleep, Limericks by H.V.S. was released from its “barrister-case time capsule” some 120 years after Author Harold Van Santvoord created it.

As the only copy in existence and unpublished, Limericks by H.V.S. is an illustrated sketchbook of rhymes portraying love, humor and everyday life in Kinderhook, NY during the late 1800′s. In his day, Van Santvoord was a regular contributor to Life magazine, profiled in The Magazine of Poetry and, from 1908 until his death, a member of the editorial staff of The Albany Times Union.

Once this “time traveler” was released from literary “suspended animation,” the Kinderhook Folk Art Project Committee became its ambassador. Steps were taken to present this literary visitor from a world gone by to a new world and next generation.

The original book was moved to an acid-free storage box, cleaned and examined by a professional art production firm. Then giclee fine art prints of Van Santvoord’s limericks and illustrations moved to center stage as Limericks by H.V.S. was further revealed in the form of a fund raising project for the library.

Now, the secret is out to the world. The Long-Lost Limericks of Harold Van Santvoord is a short documentary narrated by celebrated actor and playwright Stephen Lang. It includes a visit to The School | Jack Shainman Gallery, an internationally-acclaimed art gallery in the heart of Kinderhook, NY, along with interviews, sneak peaks inside the book, fine art prints and a reenactment of how the book was found.

Produced and directed by Barbara Reina Freelance Writing/Video Services, http://www.BarbaraReina.com

Take a walk back in time by watching this short documentary: The Long-Lost Limericks of Harold Van Santvoord at:

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