Kinderhook, New York
Jake Samascott


Friends and Neighbors of the Town of Kinderhook,

Many of you know me from our shared years at Ichabod Crane, or from working beside me at my family’s Kinderhook based farm, Samascott Orchards. Those of you who don’t know me personally may remember evenings spent with my grandfather Bernie Egnasher at the ValKin, or you may recall my grandmother Elsie Samascott’s spirited command of our ice cream shop and farm stand. My family has been living in the Town of Kinderhook for over a century, and as long as the land will bear fruit we will continue to farm and raise new generations of Kinderhookers. My family’s long history with this community and our devotion to and dependence on its future brings me to humbly request the honor of serving in our Town governance, as a Councilman on the Kinderhook Town Board.

I write this public note to you because my desire is to serve all of you, all of you who love and live in this community regardless of how long you’ve lived here, or where within our borders you call home. Those of us with legacy here best understand what makes this area special. It is in part our shared memory of the pieces of our community that have been lost over the years that will propel us to work together to build for our future. Our Town Board needs people with a historical memory of the swimming lessons that took place at Knickerbocker Lake, of the senior citizen center that existed on State Farm Road, and of the days when drugs weren’t such a prevalent form of local entertainment for our youth.

My aspiration to join the Kinderhook Town Board is fueled by my passion for our Town, and it is my belief that its care takers must represent both the historical past and the contemporary future of our area. We must not be a Town with a single-dimensional point of view. We need council members who are accessible to our community- individuals who are eager to share their contact information, who work among us, have exemplified a desire to serve both our elders and the young, understand the agricultural value of our area, and are equipped to conceive activities-based preventative measures to addiction or evaluate locally based medical solutions to its manifestation. Most importantly, we need people who believe in the health and cultural value of the rural way of life, and I am that person.

These next few months are busy season on the farm, you’ll see me working the fields between dawn and dusk but when time allows you may also find me, my family or my supporters, knocking on your door in the evening. From Niverville to Valatie to Kinderhook, we are a community of roughly 6,000 and I want to serve all of you. And I want all of you to have the opportunity to get to know me before you decide whether or not to vote for me in November. I am going to ask all of the local political parties for their support not because I am a politically motivated person, but because my candidacy isn’t defined by politics. I believe in this Town, I believe in the greatness of its residents and I am going to ask that all of you believe in me. Kinderhook is the most amazing piece of country, and it would be my honor to serve all of you as Councilman on our Town Board. I look forward to sharing my vision with you for our Town and inviting you onto my farm, into my home, and into my family’s life.

-Jake Samascott, Candidate for Kinderhook Town Board
Facebook: Jake Samascott for Kinderhook

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