Letter from a Roxbury Farmer

30 November 2018 04:47PM


From the archives:

The glare from the morning sun felt good on my face as I sat behind the wheel of the tractor. The machine idled low while we moved at a slug’s pace over the rows, creeping back and forth over silver plastic. We…

22 November 2018 07:16AM


CSA 2019. SHARES FOR PICKUP IN HUDSON AND KINDERHOOK. www.roxburyfarm.com/shop
From the archives: August 27, 2018

With the harvesting of storage onions this past week, it has become apparent that a shift is taking place on the farm. Summer has been moving by at a…

12 November 2018 08:09PM


How is it the 24th and final week of the 2018 season already??? The summer went by so quickly. And looking forward into 2019, how is it my 20th year as one of your farmers already?

Maybe its the rhythm of the seasons that lends us…

12 November 2018 08:06PM


The steering column rattles from my failure to avoid a small, deep pothole. I am cruising behind the wheel of an orange truck, heading for the southern border of the farm. Lofty, cumulous clouds float slowly across a clear blue sky and intermingle with golden…

26 October 2018 10:53AM


PHOTO: Making sambal with our hot cherry peppers
Step one on my path to appreciating the little things in life: Make sambal.

This year we tried out a new approach to pest control in our peppers and eggplants. In order to entice a fly which lays eggs…

13 October 2018 08:02AM

Last fall when Keri and I went on the Sunday harvest walk we had many options to choose from to make a varied share. We were more concerned about giving too much food each week. This fall is the more difficult. The weather is not…

6 October 2018 11:07AM


Almost another season has gone by. As farmers, we experience a season as ending when the leaves turn colors, the soil cools off and the vegetables stop growing. While lately the fall l has been warmer each season, my experience has been that…

29 September 2018 10:07PM


The day’s final fractals of light fizzled out as we marched down the road towards Shufelt. Forest and I had gotten a later start to our walk than originally planned, so we moved with haste. It was a damp, crisp evening and I had an…

21 September 2018 09:50PM



Photo: Windrows of butterkin and butternut squash

Winter squash used to be one of the crops we could plant in the spring, keep weed free until the vines were large enough to shade out any newly germinating weed seeds, and then wait until fall…

14 September 2018 06:35PM


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I think the crew at Roxbury groans every time I say, “ooh!” because it rarely means that I have found an exceptionally healthy vegetable to show them. Three days a week I “help” on the harvest crew from 6-8 a.m. (I…

7 September 2018 07:39PM


Recently there was an article in the New York Times about the difficulties of farming in New York this year. The article focused on grain and dairy farmers but I think it describes what many farmers of all kinds are feeling this season. It has…

28 August 2018 06:41PM


Pictured above: Caterpillar tunnels in the Spring.

As promised, this week I will share some of the things we are working on at Roxbury Farm to create a resilient farming system in response to climate change. How ironic, as two weeks later after writing my last…

28 August 2018 06:39PM


Pictured above: Harvesting tomatoes in the dry caterpillar tunnel.

We have reached the halfway point of the CSA season. And it has been quite the season weather-wise; one of the most challenging seasons because of the weather that we have had since Hurricane Irene. First a…

18 August 2018 11:39AM


This past week I was interviewed at the farm by Linley Dixon, the associate director of the “Real Organic Network”. This initiative was created partly in response to the inclusion of hydroponic practices in organic farming under the USDA standards and to the eroding of…

11 August 2018 01:16PM


Lately I have been reading the book The Secret Life of Cows by Rosamund Young. Young is a farmer in England and has observed her family’s cow herd for decades. She firmly believes that cows are individual beings with preferences, judgements, feelings, and who bond…

11 August 2018 01:14PM


When I was a third grader, I had a knack for wrangling butterflies. My love for the chase began in a summer program I attended that taught us about butterfly life histories and how to catch them. We even crafted our own nets out of…

29 July 2018 11:12AM


Yesterday (Garlic Harvest Day), was an amazing day. Our way, our destination, was Roxbury Farm. We had already marveled at the delicious taste of lettuce and so many more vegetables, that we knew we needed more. Our first bites made us feel so much more…

29 July 2018 11:10AM


Thank you to all the members and the Roxbury Farm Team for working hard on Saturday to get most of the garlic harvested. We planted more garlic last fall than we normally do so we didn’t expect to get it all done in one day.…

12 July 2018 09:34AM


Pictured above: Leeks, ready to plant in the field

Writing that we just concluded a hot week would not be news, but I will have to write about it anyway. My heart goes out to the folks living in a city as driving through there read…

6 July 2018 11:29AM


Farming is a lot of time spent carefully planning and then facing the reality of the weather, crops conditions, weed pressure, soil moisture, and having to change your whole plan on the fly. In the winter we planned to have beets for this week’s harvest…

26 June 2018 10:25AM


This past week I was able, thanks to a competent and supportive team of farmers, to travel to the Netherlands to celebrate my mother’s 90th birthday. It is a rare privilege to be able to travel during the busiest time of the year and I…

22 June 2018 06:49PM


it’s been hot out in the fields the last few days. The kind of hot where we sweat out the water as fast as we drink it. The plants start to look wilted early in the morning. Even the crops that were irrigated the night…

11 June 2018 08:53PM


It has been three years that I have been gone from daily involvement in the farm. During that time,

I immersed myself in the building of a farmer training program in Hurley NY. As the organization was brand new, my daily tasks ranged from hiring new…

4 May 2018 07:12PM


From the archives:

After working two weeks straight for twelve hours a day, I was due to veg out on the couch. What better day to pick that day of the Live Earth concert broadcast? I don’t really care for most of the music, but I…

27 April 2018 08:39PM

Roxbury Farm, the longest-running CSA in NYC, the Capital District and Columbia County, still has memberships available. We offer high quality Certified Organic vegetables for 24 weeks, June to Thanksgiving, at $26/week average.

Visit http://www.roxburyfarm.com to learn more and become a member. We also…


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