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Imby is the newest, easiest, most affordable way to reach your customers.

Please read this introduction before going to the next screen.

Your ad links directly to your website or Facebook page from a specified Local site. With Regional placement, your ad also appears on the Regional site, which is accessed by sliding the orange bar near the top of the page from Local to Regional, and includes all content from all local sites.

All advertising is sold monthly (renewed automatically unless canceled by the advertiser), or annually, at 20% discount. (Annual ads are charged monthly as well.)


Large Ads (144 x 144 pixels) offer highly visible placement in the top right corner of every page on a site, rotating every 10 seconds. There are no more than six Large ads on each site; each ad is onscreen for 10 seconds every minute.
Rates: $100/month; with Annual commitment: -$20; Regional placement: +$20

Standard Ads (110 x 110 pixels) offer visible placement in the right column of every page within a site, moving up the line every 5 seconds.
Rates: $25/month; with Annual commitment: -$5; Regional placement: +$5


You can post and pay for your ad yourself. We’ll walk you through the process, which is really easy.

  • If you have an ad ready, click Create ad, and on the next screen, select Large or Standard, and then select Upload ad.
  • If you want to design your ad yourself using Imby’s layout program, click Create new ad, and on the next screen, select Large or Standard, and then select Create ad.
  • If you’d like us to design your ad, or need help or more information, call 518-929-2295 or contact [email protected]

Whichever way you go, you can modify or replace your ad whenever you want.

Imby ads must be perfectly square—identical height and width—and should be simple, to encourage readers to click through to your own website or Facebook page. Your logo or name of your business or institution, and an identifying word, if necessary, is plenty.


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