New Lebanon, New York
Hard news
28 March 2020 03:41PM

Earlier today, in his daily video update, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo urged New Yorkers to find a silver lining in the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic, using the time they have unexpectedly been given for new and productive use.

“My gratuitous two cents, see if you can’t find a silver lining in all of this. People say extraordinary things to me that I just pick up anecdotally. I was going for a walk with one of my daughters and Captain, Captain’s my dog. People come up with all of these interesting ideas, you know. Who’s painting their house because they never had time to paint their house before. Who’s working on a project that they never got to. Who’s reading a book that they never got to do. Who’s writing a book. A few people say I’m writing my journals, I’m writing my life story. You know, find a way. You have the advantage of time here. And you have the advantage of time for communication. I’ve had conversations with my daughters, hours-long conversations, where it’s just us, just us talking. No place to go. She doesn’t have to go to work. She doesn’t have to run out. And they’re priceless, they are priceless. I’ll never get the opportunity in life to do that again. You know, we’re going to get through this, and they’re going to go off and find a boyfriend, and do whatever they do. I’ve had conversations with my mother, who can’t leave the house, and she’s in the house, and so we sort of take turns talking to Mom. And I talked to my mother for hours. And it’s special. It’s special. So, yes, it’s terrible. And I’m not trying to say it’s not a terrible circumstance, but even in a terrible circumstance, if you look hard enough, you can find the little rays, a few rays of light, and people are doing it and I think we all should.”

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