Valatie, New York

What is imby?

Imby is the local social network—a virtual community designed to build real community.


What is imby for?

Supporting all things local—business, food, farms, schools, culture, government. Promoting the values of sustainability, affordability, and sociability. Getting to know your neighbors, and working and playing with them.


Will anyone else have access to my email address if I register? 

Absolutely not. And it will never get sold.


How do I register?

Click “sign up” at the top of the page, fill in the form, and click “sign up” within the form. A black box will appear at the top of the page to tell you that you will receive an email confirming your registration. Open the email, click on the link, and you’re in.


How do I post a profile picture?

Click “edit profile” under the empty little white box next to your name. Click “Photo” in the form. When your computer directory pops up, choose a picture you like, click on it once, and then click “Open”. When the photo appears, place your cursor in the lower right hand corner of the small dotted-line box and drag it over the photo to crop it square. You can use any of the tiny boxes around the edge of the dotted-line to move the box up, down or sideways. Click “Upload,” and then “Post.”


Do I have to post a profile picture?

No. But we hope you do. Part of building community is getting to know your neighbors. We’d like you to see each other online, so you recognize each other on the street, or at the post office, or in restaurants, or anywhere else you run into each other.


Do I have to live in the community to sign up on a community site? 

No, but we’d suggest that you sign up in a community that’s near where you live or work, or one that you visit frequently.


Can I switch sites, once a site for my community is established?

Yes, you can. And should.


Who provides the content on imby?

You do. imby content is almost entirely user-generated. Like Facebook, Wikipedia, Craigslist, Angieslist, and Yelp, it’s all yours.


What should I post on the Front Page?

Preferably articles, stories, photos, video or audio that fit into any of 12 categories listed on the right side of every page. But announcements, observations, major events, or even just a blurb are fine too. It can be original, or shared from another site. See below for instructions for sharing from another site.


How do I post on the Front Page?

First, make sure you’re on the Front Page. Then click “Post a story/media” and fill out the form. Choose at least one category, and up to three. If the post is original, you are the author, and you don’t need to attribute the source or author; your name will come up when you post. Write the text directly into the form, or in a Word document, and cut and paste it into the “Story” box. Finally, click “Preview,” and if the post needs further editing, click “Back” and make changes. Once it’s complete, click “Submit.”


How do I post photos?

On the Front Page, or in Directory, Calendar, Blogs, Newcomers, or Milestones, click “Photo” at the bottom of the form, and then “Select image.” Find the photo on your computer, click on the file name once to highlight it, and then click “Open,” and the file name will appear in the box next to “Select image.” Another box will appear and you can repeat the process up to 5 times. Photos should be at least 600 pixels wide; you can post up to 6 photos, but all photos in a single post should total no more than 3MB.


How do I resize photos, if necessary?

If all photos on a single post total more than 3MB, each should be resized down to 1000 pixels wide, or less. On a Mac, use the Preview program; on a PC, use Paint.


How do I post a video?

It’s best to post a video from a video site. Find the video on YouTube or Vimeo, and copy the URL. Go back to IMBY, click “Link” at the bottom of the form, and paste the URL in the box that comes up.


How do I share something posted on another site?

Make sure you attribute the site as Source, and the author as Author (including the photographer). Copy the lead paragraph, or another paragraph into the “Story” box. Click “Link” at the bottom of the form and cut and paste the Web address of the article or photo or video you’re posting into the box. If you want to include an image, drag it onto your desktop, click “Photo,” then click “Select file,” highlight the file that’s on your desktop, and click “Open.” Now treat it like any other story. Click “Preview” to make sure it’s what you want. If not, click “Back” and edit. If so, click “Submit.”


Should I post the same post on more than one site?

All posts will appear in Regional (e.g. Hudson, New York and beyond) as well as Local, so we suggest posting on more than one site only if a post is particularly relevant to both sites.


Can I view and post on sites for other communities?

Yes. You can view and post anywhere on any imby site, no matter where you sign up.


What is the bar at the top of the page for?

We call it a slider, and it takes you from Local (one site) to Regional (the Local site and neighboring sites) to Global (imby’s coming-soon portal). Place your cursor on the bar, and slide it forward or backward.


How do I get to other communities? 

Click on “Visit communities,” and then click on the name of the community you want to visit on the map. OR Slide the slider from Local to Regional, and you’ll see all content on all nearby sites.


How do I get my business in the Directory, or my event in the Calendar?

Click either DIRECTORY or CALENDAR in the menu at the top of the page. Click “Post a listing” or “Post an event”. Fill out the form, including as much description as you like. If you want to add photos, click “Photo,” then “Select file,” and your files will appear. Choose a file, and click “Open.” Same for Video and Audio. Click “Preview” to see if it’s what you want. If not, click “Back” and edit. If so, click “Submit.” You can edit the listing anytime, just by clicking “Edit”.


How do I place an ad?

Keep it simple. The ads are small, but they link to your website or Facebook page, so the logo or the name of the business (or organization), and an identifying word, if necessary, is plenty:

1. Click “Advertise” in the upper right corner of the page.

2. Read the text, then click “Create new ad.”

3. Select size (Standard Link Ad or Large Link Ad) and format (Text ad or Upload logo or image).

4. If you selected Upload logo or image, click “Select file,” find the ad on your computer, click “Open” and the file name will appear in the box. Place the cursor in the lower right corner of the little square box in the upper left corner, and drag it to crop the image. If you selected Text ad, create an ad with the tools provided.

5. Choose local or regional distribution. Regional costs 20% more.

6. Make sure the site selected is the right one (Hudson or Claverack).

7. Choose monthly or annual purchase. Annual costs 20% less. In either case, you will be billed monthly, not annually. Annual purchase just means annual commitment.

8. Enter your credit card details.


What if I just have a question? Or a quick comment? Or I just want to chat? 

Go to BACK FENCE. That’s what it’s for.


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