Valatie, New York
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18 May 2015 10:51PM

The next time you post on IMBY’s Front Page, you’ll notice that we’ve limited the number of locations you can choose for any one post. We’re not trying to make your life harder; we’re just trying to keep Local sites local.

You’ll still have the option of adding sites for communities just down the road a piece, but not quite in your back yard. Like Hudson, Ghent and Hillsdale, if you’re posting in Claverack. Or Chatham and Canaan, if you’re posting in New Lebanon.

But we hope you’ll choose that option only if your post is of real relevance and interest to the other communities. Because, in case you didn’t notice, every post on every site is automatically posted on the Regional site, which is accessed by sliding the orange bar near the top of the page from Local to Regional. So all bases are always covered.

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