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23 November 2020 09:55AM
Gina Hyams


Since 1972, a Greek Revival building that was a schoolhouse for the first 123 years of its life has been a community arts center for the Columbia County hamlet of Spencertown (population 175).

The Spencertown Academy suffered significant setbacks after the global financial crisis a dozen…

Local culture
23 November 2020 09:29AM


Saturday, December 5, 2020 | 7:30pm EST

Join us online for an exciting evening full of humor and heart, rallying around what is essential—connection, curiosity, and humanity—as we look to and celebrate New Horizons.
Performances featuring Elizabeth Aspenlieder (Elliot Norton and Berkshire Critics Award winner), Glenn Barrett, David Bertoldi, Ariel Bock, Gregory Boover, Thomas…

Local living
23 November 2020 07:40AM
22 November 2020 09:09PM
James Lawrence

Happy that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won? Me too.

Swallowing the narrative that Trump will face the inevitable and concede the election any day now, once he’s stopped sucking his thumb in the corner?

Me neither.

I wrote the first draft of this piece in…

Local living | Kids and Schools
22 November 2020 07:52PM
Sophia Meritt

7:45AM – 2:21PM. Nine classes. Three minutes in between. That’s what school used to be. Now, it’s 9:24AM – 2:21PM, six classes, and five minutes in between. Doesn’t seem that different, does it? I wake up a bit later, have a few less class periods,…

Local living
22 November 2020 07:09PM
Ralph Gardner Jr.

I’ve heard and read lots of stories lately about how to pull off Thanksgiving safely in the middle of a pandemic. I’m not sure where or whether this suggestion fits in: why not consider grilling outdoors if turkey isn’t compulsory?

I suspect a twenty-pound Butterball turkey,…

Politics/Government | Business/Growth | Body/Soul
22 November 2020 05:24PM

As Country Enters Holiday Season and Faces Another COVID Surge, Federal Programs Set to Expire

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today called on Congress to renew and expand federal support programs for unemployed Americans — many of which have expired or will end just days after…


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